Thomas’ two boys get discipline, focus, and self defense | Kid’s Martial Arts in Athens, GA

Tom has two boys  Cameron and Christian (10 and 8) who have been in the Explorers program for about 4 months. He was looking for a program to teach them discipline, focus, and self defense. On the recommendation of a friend he was told The HardCore Gym was the place to go. He says it “has been phenomenal. They kids are different kids. They are more focused, greater discipline and I don’t have to fight to get them to come here.” They have much more self confidence.

He goes on to discuss the monthly life skills like focus. It teaches important principles about life. He also appreciates the multiple instructors in class that give the kids more one-on-one focus. The coaches make sure the kids do the moves right. “This isn’t a glorified baby sitting experience”, he says. They kids are here to learn and be disciplined.

He was originally concerned about safety before coming to a mixed martial arts and brazilian jiu jitsu program for kids. When he got to The HardCore Gym he quickly saw how important safety was during practice. “It’s a legitimate program. People here care about what they are doing. And the kids care about what they are doing.”, he says. It continues by saying, “The kids sold the program to me. I didn’t have to” he adds. They come without being prodded. He is so grateful his friend recommend it and he recommends it to anyone looking to get their kids more focused, teach them about important life principles, and general self defense. “I have no reservations about recommending this place to anyone” he concludes.