Academics improved dramatically and confidence boosted | Kid’s Martial Arts Athens Ga

Patrick’s son Julian trains at The HardCore Gym in the Spider Monkeys program for about a year. The primary reason he started was because he had a bully situation at school and Patrick wanted him to learn self defense skills. The secondary reason was to build confidence. “At home Julian was always very outgoing, but in public and social settings he was always very introverted”, says Patrick.

Patrick thought if he trained at The HardCore Gym and got some martial arts training it would help him open up. Since he started training his initial concern was Julian would have a hard time getting adjusted. He was immediately welcomed to the program by the professional coaches and the students alike. “He began training at his level”, Patrick adds. He has since moved up from a white belt to a grey/white belt. He has learned a lot of self defense skills and his confidence has been boosted.

“It is apparent not only in his personality but it shows in his academics as well. His academics have improved dramatically. It also shows in the other sports he plays like soccer and baseball. He is very driven and was the top scorer on his soccer team this last year. In the year prior he just didn’t show the same drive. He has a passion for speaking in front of his class this year. In the previous year it would never have happened. So all of these things can be traced back to the leadership skills he gets here at The HardCore Gym.” The program gets his highest recommendation and he tells nervous parents to just give it a try and see what it’s like. “I definitely give it the thumbs up” he concludes.