Amazing Weight Loss | MMA in Athens Ga

Parker has been a member of The HardCore Gym in Athens, GA for ONLY 6 months. In that short amount of time he has lost an INCREDIBLE 50 Pounds. Parker talks about how he has trained the past four years at other Mixed Martial Arts Gyms in Georgia. The HardCore Gym is by far the best gym he has ever been at. The facilities, classes, instructors/coaches, and training partners are incredible according to Parker. He wants those looking to start their journey in martial arts to know there is nothing to be nervous about. This isn’t a place where people get their heads smashed in. HardCore has classes for everyone from young to old, men, women, and everyone in between. Parker finishes by saying the following, “If you want to stay fit, and you want to stay active, come to The HardCore Gym. Point blank.”

You can also call 706-850-8444 to schedule your Consultation and FREE Private Lesson today. The HardCore Gym has been voted Athens Banner Herald Reader’s Choice for Best Martial Arts Studio 2014. Additionally, HCG has won Best Mixed Martial Arts Gym in Georgia for three years. Call 706-850-8444 NOW!