Health, Weight Loss, and Exercise | Children’s Martial Arts in Athens, Georgia

Caroline’s granddaughter Mackenzie has been training for almost two months now and she loves it. She was looking for a program for her grand daughter because she had some health issues that were just beginning and she didn’t want them to get worse. There weren’t a lot of options for exercise programs for children in Athens. She eventually called The HardCore Gym. She asked what programs were available, how much exercise she might get, is she going to stay busy and be active. Caroline didn’t want something where she was standing in line, waiting around, and not busy the whole time.

She was told the Explorer’s Program would be perfect and keep her grand daughter busy the entire time. They start out with conditioning exercises like bear crawls, crab walks, push ups, situps and shrimps (used in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu). In fact, she didn’t really know what Jiu Jitsu was. She was aware that other martial arts stand around in line a lot waiting for things to happen. BJJ has instilled Mackenzie with sense of self-confidence. The instructors are great and supportive. They seem to actually like children and be around them. There is a lot of laughter but also expectations.

The kids are disciplined. There are requirements that when the kids are called to attention that they stand there, and stand their quietly. She thinks it’s great for Mackenzie. It has given her many of the things she was looking for. It has changed her grand daughter’s body. She needed to lose weight, and she needed to redefine the way she thinks about her body, exercise, and who she is and what she is capable of. She understands it will take time but at only eight years old she has time.

She believes it will serve her well in the future because she will be able to kick butt. She won’t have to be afraid to be out there, or be intimidated. She knows she made a great choice. Anyone looking for a program like this for their daughter, son, or grandchild; where they want them to be in a group with support, instruction, expectations, and praise that The HardCore Gym offers a program where you can’t go wrong.