Justin discusses kid’s martial arts program at The HardCore Gym | Growing Gorillas in Athens, GA

Justin is the father of two young boys (almost 5 year old and 7 year old). He started his own training after he found out the gym was not only a premier martial arts facility in the region but also the country. He states that he wanted to learn from the best in the business in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu after a brief amateur boxing education.

Besides his own training the thing he has enjoyed is watching his kids grow, develop and become more confident, self aware, and have more empathy. They are able to advocate for others due to the coaching they have received in the kid’s classes. Their training has been Invaluable in school and their extra curricular activities like basketball and baseball. “They have grown tremendously”, he says.

He was then asked what advice he could give parents looking for a martial arts gym who might be leaning towards a traditional martial arts program because they might have preconceived notions of Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He says, “Research credentials and don’t just look up names in the phone book”. He talks about how The HardCore Gym “teaches character education through physical activity on the mat. That was stunning to me when I saw it in action.”

He goes on to talk about the incredible ratio of coaches to students and how the kids feel like they are getting one on one time with their instructors even though there might be 10-15 students on the mat. “They talk about life skills and how they can integrate those life skills with their physical lessons on the mat”, Justin adds.

“Try the rest but once you come here it is a noticeable difference”, he continues. “It’s nothing about any kind of sales tactic. Just try it.”