I’m pretty happy right now

Michael has been training with one of the personal trainers at The HardCore Gym in Athens, GA. In Michael Conrad's own words he states, "Been a long time since I've been able to really move because I've been too fat." He goes on to say, "The lack of mobility that you have when you gain this much weight is ridiculous." Since about high school (5 years ago) he couldn't do simple things like bend over and pick something out of the floor board while driving down the road. After only 3 and half weeks he was able to pick his phone up when he dropped it in the car. He compares the feeling like being able to run a 100 yard dash in 2 seconds. "I'm pretty happy right now" he says. Michael has lost a little more then 30 pounds in just three and a half weeks doing personal training at The HardCore Gym. "Most importantly [I want to] get in shape and get my life back" he adds. We both agree he is well on his way.