John had never done a lot of martial arts in the past

In this video John had started the MMA Blueprint Program two months prior. He is really excited about the progress he is making in boxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He had never done a lot of martial arts in the past and is learning new things every day. John is a tree climber and stay at home dad who has a lot of physical energy he needs to expend.

John says he “wanted to join the club to learn a lot of [self] defensive skills to potentially protect my family if that unfortunate situation arose”. He believes he is on his way to becoming a better martial artist in that capacity between the stand up and mat skills he has been taught.

Other goals were fitness and to get back in better shape. The HardCore Gym has helped him steer away from a bad streak of going to bars and not making any progress towards bettering himself and those around him. The HardCore Gym has helped him by being around people who are into training and excited about it.

He has coaches who care to spend time and energy on their lesson plans. All the coaches he has encountered have put thought into their plans for the day. He is really hoping to stay around Athens to continue to learn more and better himself via the gym.

He wants to “encourage those around me and be a good training partner for those I train with and meet new friends”. He goes on to thank The HardCore Gym for what it has given him thus far. He looks forward to realizing his goals more, getting in better shape, and learning more skills.